Vision Impaired


Vision Impaired Program 
1st School to run the program in all over Morocco

For several years, American Language Institute TEMARA has offered English classes alongside ongoing activities to visually impaired students. In fact, our center has welcomed over 30 students who attend the main programs

In 2008, the American Institute Temara began running separate classes for visually impaired students. We are the first English Language Center to have implemented such program and it was successful at all levels.

We have used meticulously chosen materials and tailored teaching techniques and pedagogies to teach the English Language to them. Teachers, administrators, Moroccan and American volunteers have worked together to deliver a set of enhancement activities for instance cultural events, sports competitions, arts and crafts, excursions, outings and the like. This has brought together our sighted and non-sighted students and share with each other life experiences and values as well principles. As a matter of fact, they have become independent, successful members of theMoroccan society , confident and why not become ambassadors of Morocco in the USA in the future.